Morgan Morrison

We looked everywhere to find a place we felt cared about the dogs we wanted to adopt as much as we did… Charlotte Dog Club was the place! From start to finish, there were people available or quick to respond to all of our questions! (And believe me, I had a TON!) We put a deposit on one dog, and when we arrived, we decided to go home with two! We had a few we wanted to meet in addition to our saved dog, Aislynn saw our puppy’s personality, along with our family dynamic and recommended one out of the three… Let me say, she was SPOT on! He complimented our Aura (fifi) and our family! Oslo (airbud) and Aura (fifi) are the best of friends, even though they are different breeds and sizes. I can’t imagine if we had only gone home with one! I am so very thankful with how smooth the whole process was and how much information and supplies we were given! This was THE best experience! It’s nice to know our dogs were well loved before we got them because they definitely feel like they were meant for us and our family! I love Charlotte Dog Club and have told everyone I know! This is the place to get your next family member! Be ready to fall in LOVE!!

Nichole Lau

We had a wonderful experience with Charlotte Dog Club. The adoption process was easy and thorough. We knew exactly what to expect each step of the way and any questions/concerns we had were promptly answered. Mochi has been the perfect fit for our family! He’s adjusted seamlessly and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Lexi Bennett

We adopted a 9 week old Havanese puppy from Charlotte Dog Club and he is a dream puppy!! We have had him for two weeks now and he is extremely smart and easy to train! We were very pleased with the service. The place itself was very nice and clean and they provided us with anything we could possibly need for the first 10 days of our puppy being home. They have since reached out to make sure our pup is transitioning well. Willi b, formerly Chester, has brought so many smiles and laughs to our family! Highly recommend!!!

Kate Axelsson

My experience has been above and beyond wonderful. Everyone I reached out to ahead of time was extremely helpful and the facilities are immaculate – I was so impressed with where these pups grow up. When we arrived the woman stepped outside almost immediately and was so kind and welcoming. It was worth the drive!

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